Our Background / Introduction

Brainart was created by renewable energy industry stalwarts with deep experience in systems design, hardware, software, product and project development, and most importantly Service and Support of renewable energy products for the past 18 years.

The company was formed as a partnership between two US based companies. One, a software developer in the Silicon Valley, focused on renewable energy for the past decade or more, and the other an international customer support organization that maintains an installed base of 6GW of industry leading Residential and Commercial PV Inverters.


At Brainart we have put some of the industry’s best talents’ collective experience to work in order to create the EASIEST to install, simplest to operate, and most COMPLETE Micro-Grid product-line for both the Residential and the Commercial marketplace.

Our focus and goal has been to produce “Micro-Grids in a Box”, so the fully integrated 'system in a box' can simply be literally dropped in place, either indoors in the customer’s equipment room or garage...

Retrofit Solutions

Aging, 600VDC inverters failure rates have increased to the point where downtimes are excessive, leading to lost revenues. Most of the inverter manufacturers of that time are no longer in business. Converting to newer, 1000VDC, string inverters is impractical due to re-wiring and new, more restrictive, NEC requirements. Brainart has developed a practical solution that brings an efficient technology together with an energy storage option that makes it a “drop-in” package.

BrainArt provides a “Drop-In” replacement for aging or dead 600 Volt DC central inverters that includes Pre-integrated DC/DC Converter + Storage PCS + Microgrid Controller.

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IEEE 2030.5 DER Solutions

MicroGrid Solutions


Brainart's "Micro-Grid in a Box" products are based on UNIQUE features of the OpenEGrid EMS (Energy Management System) which helps you precisely size the system for each of your customers' specific usage and needs. You have the ability to 'Save' this design on OpenEGrid's Big-Data platform. Once you finish installing the system at site, the EMS automatically contacts the OpenEGrid server and downloads the configuration you had 'saved'.

From that moment on, the system performs to the 'marching orders' it just received, AND sends real life, real time performance data from the site to the OpenEGrid platform for deeper analysis, so the control algorithms can be continually refined and honed as time goes by.!

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