URANUS C10 Series POWER Station



Item Spec
General Information
Model Name URANUS C10 Series
Battery Chemistry LFP
Power Capacity 105kWh to 525kWh
Usable Capacity 94.5kWh to 472.5kWh
Number of Power pack 10 to 50
Max. charge/discharge power 250kW
Battery Strings Up to 5
Nominal Voltage (DC) 460 to 768V (6 to 10 power packs)
AC Voltage 400V/480V
Max. Charge Current 43A @400V; 36A @480V
Max. Discharge Current 43A @400V; 36A @480V
Charge and Discharge Rate 0.3C/0.5C
PCS Parameter
Battery Charge/Discharge Voltage 200V – 750V (350 – 750V Full Power)
Battery Charge/Discharge Current 90A Max
AC Voltage 400V (340V – 406V); 480V (423V – 528V)
AC Current 43A @400V; 36A @480V
AC Power 30kW
AC Frequency 50/60Hz
AC PF Actual: 0.0 leading to 0.0 lagging (Controllable)
Listed: 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging (Controllable)


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