Item Spec
General Information
Model Name URANUS3080
Battery Chemistry LFP
Power Capacity 63kWh to 105kWh
Usable Capacity 56.7kWh to 94.5kWh )
Number of Power pack 6 to 10
Max. charge/discharge power 30kW
Cell stack up 6 to 10S(per Enclosure) / 6S (per pack)
Nominal Voltage (DC) 460 to 768V (6 to 10 power packs)
AC Voltage 400V/480V
Max. Charge Current 43A @400V; 36A @480V
Max. Discharge Current 43A @400V; 36A @480V
Charge and Discharge Rate 0.3C/0.5C
PCS Parameter
Battery Charge/Discharge Voltage 200V – 750V (350 – 750V Full Power)
Battery Charge/Discharge Current 90A Max
AC Voltage 400V (340V – 406V); 480V (423V – 528V)
AC Current 43A @400V; 36A @480V
AC Power 30kW
AC Frequency 50/60Hz
AC PF Actual: 0.0 leading to 0.0 lagging (Controllable)
Listed: 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging (Controllable)

Additional information

Dimensions 18.50 × 33.00 × 8.15 in


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