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Item Spec Note
Model Name BPG100Ah
Type of Cell LFP
Cell Capacity 100Ah 1C discharge current @ 77±5.4°F
Nominal Voltage 3.2V
Operating Voltage 2.5V ~ 3.65V 5°F ~ 131°F
Internal Resistance ≤0.40mΩ New Condition
State of Charge at new condition 25%
Working Temperature (Charging) 5°F ~ 131°F
Working Temperature (Discharging) -22°F ~ 131°F
Working Temperature (Storage) -22°F ~ 131°F C
Power Density ≥63.64Wh/lb ≥140Wh/kg
Weight 4.85±0.44lbs 2.28±0.20kg
Dimension (W x L x H) 18.50 x 33.00 x 8.15in 480 x 127.6 x 173.9mm
Cycle Life 4,000 cycles 5,000 cycles 1C @ 77±5.4°F 0.5C @ 77±5.4°F
DOD 90%
Certificate UL1378

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Dimensions 18.50 × 33.00 × 8.15 in


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